The Skin Protection Solution for Athletes: AthleteX


The Skin Protection Solution for Athletes: AthleteX
The AthleteX product lineup.

The AthleteX product lineup.

Formulated for resilience against sweat and rubbing, preventing sunburn during outdoor sports activities.

Founded in 1975, AthleteX has been driven by its founder’s aspiration to boost the Tokyo Olympics through its cosmetic business. Stemming from extensive dermatological research, our mission is to reduce skin stress and provide protection, especially for athletes in demanding sports like triathlons.

With a lineup centered around waterproof sunscreen, we cater to athletes of all sports and genders, supporting their performance from a beauty perspective. AthleteX is committed to contributing to the growth of the sports industry by encouraging the widespread use of our specialized sports cosmetics.

Analyzing skin texture and patterns.

Analyzing skin texture and patterns.

Sun Protection, Stress-Relief for Beautiful Skin

We are proud to present ISAC, an advanced skin analysis system, engineered using an expansive dataset compiled by our dermatology research sector. This system exemplifies our enduring commitment towards comprehensive skin analysis, a field in which we, as manufacturers, have persistently cultivated expertise.

Outlined below are key features of our product range:

1. High Water-Resistance:
Designed specifically for participants in vigorous sports, our AthleteX sunscreen is renowned for its superior water resistance. This sunscreen effectively continues its protective function against UV rays and perspiration, thereby minimizing the necessity for recurrent applications (however, results may vary based on individual variations). Given its enhanced adhesion despite the presence of sweat and water, it's advisable to use a dedicated cleansing product for its removal.

2. Skin-Friendly:
Apart from alleviating skin stress, our product portfolio does not obstruct the skin's natural respiration. The effortless application prevents the formation of a white cast, rendering them user-friendly. Furthermore, post-sun exposure damage to the skin is relatively minor, resulting in faster restoration of the skin's original color tone.

3. Reduced Skin Stress:
Skin exposed to UV rays often experiences inflammation due to heat, triggering moisture evaporation and resulting dryness. Our products address this issue by minimizing sunburn-induced damage, consequently reducing skin stress, which can collectively enhance overall performance.
Sun Protect 50+ Sunscreen Lotion

Sun Protect 50+ Sunscreen Lotion

The Purpose of Using Sunscreen

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, particularly those that lead to sunburn, can cause inflammation and adversely impact sports performance. The damage inflicted by UV rays is cumulative, resulting in a condition known as 'photoaging.' This condition is associated with several skin complications, such as a dull complexion, wrinkles, and sagging — classic signs of aging.

However, regular and careful sun protection can help prevent these issues. Our sports-grade cosmetic product, AthleteX Sun Protect 50+, is a sweat and sebum-resistant, waterproof sunscreen lotion. It's designed to safeguard skin against intense UV radiation throughout the day.

The formula aids in not only preventing sunburn-triggered dark spots and freckles but also eliminates the familiar sticky feeling and white residue typically associated with sunscreens. The result is smooth, comfortable skin, enhancing your overall sports experience.
Usage Scenes

Widely Acclaimed by Athletes Across Numerous Disciplines and Many Others

AthleteX, a line of 'sports cosmetics', is designed to support athletes of any sport or gender and offers products useful for daily life as well.

Customer reviews for AthleteX: (Results may vary)
•"Its superior water resistance means fewer applications are needed."
•"It doesn't sting even if sweat gets into the eyes. Helps reduce the feeling of fatigue post-sport."
•"The sunscreen doesn't hinder breathing. My skin appears brighter since using the sunscreen."
•"I'm using it regularly as the sunscreen remains effective even after sweating. "
•"It's become essential in the extreme summer heat."