Products and Services

  • Environment

    Many businesses in Tokyo offer products and services that can help improve conditions both on a global scale and a localized one, such as within a large-scale factory or inside the home.

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    • Disaster Preparedness

      Japan suffers from natural disasters with alarming frequency, from earthquakes and tsunamis to typhoons and torrential rain. In addition, the COVID-19 outbreak has given rise to a new awareness regarding the need for medical isolation units and specialized equipment. As a result, companies have been constantly creating and improving inventions to help prepare people for emergencies and keep people safe in a variety of situations.

    • Monitors

      Position sensors, pressure sensors, atmospheric sensors, piezo sensors, and more are manufactured and sold to both businesses and consumers by technology companies in Tokyo.

    • Pollution Control

      Companies in Tokyo are applying their accumulated knowledge, technology, and expertise to develop ingenious ways to clean up and protect our environment.

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  • Food & Agriculture

    Although Tokyo is known as one of the largest metropolises in the world, it is also the location of many specialty farmers, food producers, and agricultural technology producers.

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    • Confectionery

      Tokyo is renowned for its traditional Japanese sweets and baked goods, such as dorayaki, monaka, and wagashi. Ingredients are often produced in Japan, and sweets are made by experienced confectioners.

    • Drinks

      Beverages such as tea, coffee, and sake are produced by companies in Tokyo for both domestic and international customers.

    • Processed Foods

      Dried noodles, pasta, and other processed foods are produced by many companies in Tokyo using ingredients grown in Japan.

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  • Health & Beauty

    Asian beauty products are popular around the world. Tokyo-based companies make a range of products across the industry, from hair care and skincare consumables to healthcare-related instruments and machinery.

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    • Hair Care

      Be it shampoos, hair dyes, conditioners, or hairstyling equipment, companies in Tokyo produce a wide variety of products for use across the world.

    • Healthcare

      Tokyo is home to companies that produce healthcare products for every part of the industry, from MRI scanners to disposable gloves and supplements.

    • Makeup

      Tokyo-based companies use cosmetic science to create makeup products, such as eyebrow liner pens, that provide long-lasting coverage.

    • Skincare

      Serums, essences, creams, oils, soaps, and other skincare products are all made by Tokyo-based cosmetics companies for both domestic and international markets.

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  • Home Supplies

    Furniture, kitchenware, decorations, cleaning products, and tools, companies across Tokyo sell and manufacture everything needed to properly make a house a home.

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    • Fragrances

      Traditionally, incense sticks and fragrances have been used in Japan for hundreds of years. Modern Tokyo-based companies have not only continued tradition but improved upon it, offering a variety of wonderful fragrance products to customers.

    • Furniture

      Creating various kinds of desks, chairs, tables, and cabinetry, Tokyo companies lead the furniture industry with modern designs and traditional craftsmanship.

    • Household Chemicals

      Tokyo-based companies have been innovating cleaning products such as sponges, soaps, polishing waxes, and more, to make them more effective and efficient.

    • Interior Decor

      From wallpapers to traditional scrolls and modern objet d’art, companies and people in Tokyo are creating new decorative pieces and products every day for people to make their houses into homes.

    • Kitchenware

      Centered in the Kappabashi district, companies in Tokyo sell and manufacture all kinds of kitchenware products both traditional and modern.

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  • Personal Items

    Fashion bags, clothing, shoes, electronic gadgets, stationery, and toys created by Tokyo companies in one of the world’s largest consumer markets.

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    • Bags & Accessories

      From high fashion to practical daily use, a multitude of different kinds of bags and accessories are designed and produced in Tokyo.

    • Clothing

      One of the major fashion capitals of the world, Tokyo is home to thousands of companies designing, making, and selling a wide variety of clothing, both traditional and modern.

    • For Babies

      In Tokyo, there are many companies that specialize in products for infants and toddlers, many of which combine cuteness with function.

    • For Pets

      Pet owners living in a large city have to find innovative ways to keep their pets and their neighbors happy, which is why there are so many companies that work hard to develop handy products to do just that.

    • Outdoors

      Innovative and convenient outdoor gadgets and equipment are designed and manufactured by a wide range of companies in Tokyo.

    • Shoes

      Tokyo is home to both manufacturers of traditional Japanese footwear, like geta or zori, as well as fashionable footwear and sports shoes. Additionally, there are companies that specialize in orthotic insoles that are not only comfortable but are also designed to support arch health and correct posture.

    • Stationery

      Paper has been made in Japan since the 600s, and stationery products made by Tokyo companies are coveted around the world for their high quality.

    • Toys

      From traditional card games to quirky and innovative board games, a wide variety of games that can be enjoyed by all ages are designed and produced in Tokyo.

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  • Services

    Companies in Tokyo provide high-quality services across a broad range of industries, such as consulting and licensing.

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    • Consulting

      Consulting is a huge industry spanning a variety of sectors, including architecture, design, planning, and so on.

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  • Software & Technology

    As Japan’s center of technology, Tokyo is home to thousands of companies developing new software and applications that solve all kinds of issues.

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    • Industrial Use

      Tokyo has a great number of companies that specialize in manufacturing and create products designed specifically for industrial usage.

    • Office Use

      Many Tokyo companies produce products and applications to solve common corporate pain points, such as HR reporting, tax filing, and CRM. There are also companies that specialize in developing products like key management systems and electronic locks that utilize modern technology to improve building and office security.

    • Personal Use

      Software and technology has been developed by many companies in Tokyo to help people to improve their personal lives.

    • Medical Use

      Tokyo-based companies specializing in products and services for the medical industry.

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