Creating a Vibrant World Digital Space Production

HERE. Co., Ltd.

Creating a Vibrant World Digital Space Production
Guanzhu Design Showroom

Guanzhu Design Showroom

We design unexplored spatial experiences by combining curiosity and cutting-edge technology with diverse content.

Digital imaging technology has the power to magically transform the world’s landscapes. We’re living in a time where this technology seamlessly integrates into our lives, significantly influencing our lifestyle. The emergence of new digital devices, particularly smartphones and XR technology, is often said to mark the arrival of the most radical transformation since the Industrial Revolution. It’s now more crucial than ever to question how we can coexist with digital technology and enhance our humanity.

HERE. is a creative company that updates every space in the world digitally, designing experiences that enrich human qualities. We propose unique and innovative ideas that combine real locations and spaces with digital technology. Harnessing the skills of digital artists, we design “unexplored spatial experiences” that transcend language and generations, enabling us to share comfort.

BANDAI SPIRITS Conference Room Gate Projection

BANDAI SPIRITS Conference Room Gate Projection

BANDAI SPIRITS Co., Ltd. meeting space, the word "Accept" appears on the door when you hold up your entry badge. We've added a playful touch that turns ordinary office meetings into something special. Using a small projector, it's easy to switch visuals, garnering increased interest from companies seeking to enhance real-life experiences and office value.

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Digital signage for The Lively, a lifestyle hotel

Digital Signage for THE LIVELY FUKUOKA, a Lifestyle Hotel in Fukuoka, Japan.

With a concept focused on creating a space "where people, information, and opportunities from around the world gather," we produced an installation video for the lobby. Using approximately 20 coordinated signage monitors to display cutting-edge digital art, we designed a space symbolizing Fukuoka's first lifestyle hotel.

Photo by Kenji Masunaga of Masphoto
Konica Minolta Planetarium intermission video

Konica Minolta Planetarium Intermission Video

We created an intermission video for Planetaria YOKOHAMA, one of the premier planetarium facilities operated by Konica Minolta Planetarium in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. This video, shown before the main feature starts, creates a soothing atmosphere where visitors can take pictures while being enveloped in a fantastical universe.

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