A Professional Team of Soldering and Joining Technology Experts

Koki Company Limited

A Professional Team of Soldering and Joining Technology Experts
High-quality, high-performance soldering materials.

Koki's exceptional soldering expertise supports the advancement and development of various electronic devices.

Koki’s electronic materials and cutting-edge joining technology services connect the electrical signals of various electronic devices in your daily life, creating safer and more convenient living environments.

With value-added services, we contribute to the electronics industry, supporting the creation of electronic devices closely integrated into daily life as your partner. Surface mounting, soldering electronic components onto printed circuit boards, is widely used in the mass production of electronic equipment and devices.

Drawing on our experience and expertise, Koki leverages core technologies in flux and alloys to develop high-quality, high-performance soldering materials. We offer a lineup to meet all your surface mounting requirements.

SMT Mounting Material: Solder Paste

SMT* Mounting Material: Solder Paste

Solder Paste is a paste-like soldering material composed of solder powder and flux (soldering promoter).

We develop products that meet the performance requirements of both chemical action (flux) and various solder alloys.

In response to the increasing functionality and density of board assemblies, we offer a wide range of high-performance products.

Key product characteristics include high wetting, low voiding, low splattering, Anti head-in-pillow defect, compatibility with fine pitch components, and improved assembly quality. We also offer various alloy types such as high-reliability alloys, low temperature alloys, and low silver alloys. Additionally, we have a diverse lineup of environmentally friendly, halogen-free products.

*Surface Mount Technology
Bonding Materials for Power Devices

Bonding Materials for Power Devices

Power devices (IGBTs, Power MOSFETs) enabling high-efficiency power conversion find applications in household, industrial inverters, railways, renewable energy generation, and electric vehicles.

Due to the importance of thermal management, soldering technology with ultra-low voids is essential for power devices. Additionally, multiple solder joints in their structure necessitate high-quality solder materials. Leveraging our expertise in flux technology, Koki proposes new joining techniques for power devices, contributing to stable quality and cost reduction in manufacturing processes.
Fault Analysis and Optimization Support

Defect Analysis and Optimization Support

In recent years, there has been rapid diversification and densification in soldering techniques. To ensure customer satisfaction in our manufacturing processes, we offer comprehensive verification and troubleshooting services globally, including post-production analysis of issues and defects.

We are committed to supporting our customers in using our products with confidence and achieving their desired quality standards. By leveraging customer-provided implementation conditions, our development specialists identify issues and propose solutions tailored to optimize performance during the implementation process, assisting customers in achieving their best performance.