Introducing the "Medifla," a vase made of scientific glass.

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Introducing the “Medifla,” a vase made of scientific glass.
A Medicine for the Mind and Body

The interplay of flowers and glass creates a soothing effect. "A Medicine for the Mind and Body"

The “Medifla” vase, made from scientific glass, is a collaborative creation by flower artist Keita Kawasaki and scientific glass expert Ryuichi Tamura. Embracing flowers as a source of healing, the vase is designed to serve as a therapeutic element for both mind and body. Crafted from scientific glass, valued for its strength and heat resistance and commonly used in healthcare environments, this compact vase is designed to make flower arrangement accessible to everyone. Its innovative design is specifically tailored to highlight the natural beauty of individual flowers.

Encounter with scientific glassware

A new floral narrative born from an encounter with scientific glassware

The concept for the product emerged quite by chance. Kawasaki was taken aback during a visit to a local scientific glass workshop, where he discovered a revolutionary manufacturing technique that defied the norms of traditional glass molding. Impressed by the artisans' mastery and the material's robustness and thermal resilience, he was inspired to design a small vase. Upon suggesting to Tamura the idea of crafting a vase designed to delight flowers, Tamura expressed his own desire to venture beyond scientific equipment. Their mutual passion propelled the project forward, culminating in the creation of a distinctive vase crafted from scientific glass—a material frequently utilized in everyday items across Europe—under the theme that "Flowers are balm for the soul and body."
Medifla Lineup

Medifla Lineup

The Four Points of Medifla

1. Expertly Handcrafted by Scientific Glass Specialists
Each piece is meticulously handmade by experienced artisans in Tokyo, employing sophisticated techniques to work with scientific glass.

2. Constructed from Reinforced Glass for Enhanced Strength and Thermal Resistance
The glass used is not only highly durable and heat-resistant but also remarkably clear and slender, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the design.

3. Adaptable Designs for Diverse Environments
Their compact size allows these vases to integrate seamlessly into various settings, enhancing any space with their presence.

4. Tailored to Accentuate Even the Simplest Floral Arrangements
These vases are intentionally designed to highlight the beauty of flowers, making even a single bloom or a couple of stems stand out as a decorative feature.

We hold the conviction that flowers can mitigate stress stemming from anxiety and fear by displaying their vivid hues, enigmatic forms, delightful fragrances, and the profound essence of life, thus acting as a tranquil symbol for the mind. The "MEDIFLA" vase enables a straightforward and accessible way to appreciate flowers, encouraging the placement of one or a few stems in a creatively designed vase to enjoy the simple elegance of floral arrangements without the need for elaborate setups.
Medifla Triplets

Medifla Triplets

A signature creation of Medifla: The "Triplets"

The "Triplets" vase stands out with its distinctive design, drawing inspiration from the idea of triplets. This vase features three openings akin to candleholders, perfect for displaying small flowers or herbs. When three flowers are placed together, they evoke the image of a harmonious trio of blooms, akin to siblings. The arrangement's versatility, whether using identical flowers or a variety of species, lends the vase multiple aesthetic possibilities, offering extensive customization. Dimensions: 100 mm in width, 100 mm in height, and 50mm in depth, with a weight of 46g.