Actocardiograph MT-830 series


Actocardiograph MT-830 series
Portable and easily transportable.

Easily Portable for More Freedom Anywhere

Since our establishment in 1958, we have continuously provided fetal monitor and Central fetal monitoring Software that align with the ever-changing medical needs. With the rapid societal changes such as work-style reforms, disaster response, declining birthrates, and depopulation, we felt a strong need to fundamentally and comprehensively revise our product and system.

Created for the modern age, the Actocardiograph MT-830 series is our latest fetal monitor.

Image for MT-830

Image for MT-830

Decreasing Workload in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Key Features of the MT-830

Portability : Easy to carry, roughly the size of an A4 paper, weighing under 3 kg.
High-resolution Display : 10.1-inch LCD provides clarity even for minute waveform changes, ensuring easy-to-read visuals.
No Print Monitoring : With our software (no support included), you can:
(1) Monitor on PC.
(2) Store CTG(Cardiotocogram) waveforms as PDFs.
(3) Print CTG(Cardiotocogram) waveforms using a PC printer.
Choose maternal monitoring features models.
Enhanced Emergency Response : Integrates seamlessly with Central fetal monitoring Software MF-7700. Features include:
- Up to 72 hours of memory.
- Large battery lasts over 2 hours.
- Securely save and transfer measured CTG(Cardiotocogram) data.
Unified Labor Management : Comprehensive input features for centralized labor progression tracking.
Disaster Preparedness : SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) -compliant for reliable function during emergencies.
Images for Carrying Bag

Images for Carrying Bag

Supporting Fieldwork During Disasters and Emergencies:

The Actocardiograph MT-830 series successfully lightened by separating the printer and monitor, becoming easily portable. It accommodates not only in-hospital transfers but also emergency transportation, disaster sites, and home usage in depopulated areas. Convenient carrying bag available. By collaborating with software, remote monitoring becomes possible, aiding physician work-style reforms and resolving healthcare staffing shortages.
Image of Event Input Screen

Image of Event Input Screen

Centralized Delivery Process Management Input Functions

The Actocardiograph MT-830 series features diverse input functions to record the progression of labor, including internal examination findings, event input, and Apgar score input. Ample input fields are accessible through the touch panel. Enhanced linkage ensures instant reflection in Central fetal monitoring Software MF-7700, reducing staff workload.