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Cross Support Inc.

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Supporting Timeless Skin Beauty

Everyone harbors a desire for beauty and enduring youthfulness. At Cross Support Inc., we are deeply committed to this universal wish. Even as time passes, our customers' aspirations for unfading beauty and perpetual youth drive our research. We delve into every aspect—from the choice of ingredients and manufacturing processes to the contexts of use and the compatibility with existing cosmetics and makeup products. This dedication led to the birth of Youthsecret, our proprietary brand. Our mission transcends the creation of cosmetics; it's about realizing dreams and cultivating a skincare brand cherished by women everywhere, crafting a world filled with joyous smiles.


Company Name
Cross Support Inc.
Date of Establishment
Head Office Location
Sagamiya Head Office Bldg. 7F, 6 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Yumi Yoshino
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Industry Wholesale and Service
Esthe Selection 2021 Gold Award, Asia Golden Star Award 2022 Product Gold Award
Product Certifications, Patents and Trademarks
Trademark Registration No. 6312424 for MIRACLE SOLUTION
Trademark Registration No. 6312425
Brand name trademark registered in China, No. 54894194