Introducing the RICO ORIGINAL BASE SHEET - a fusion of horse oil and collagen.

RICO Co., Ltd.

Introducing the RICO ORIGINAL BASE SHEET – a fusion of horse oil and collagen.
Elevating time-honored ingredients into innovative forms.

Elevating time-honored ingredients into innovative forms.

Harnessing Japanese expertise to create a melt-on-application horse oil skincare sheet.

Our founder battled skin issues for years, often covering up with makeup. Environmental shifts and certain preservatives often triggered these issues. Despite various skincare attempts, proper hydration remained elusive, leading to worsening skin conditions.

“I want to use something I can trust every day, I want to care for (protect) my skin more.” From such feelings, we went through 4 years of trial and error.

With horse oil mirroring human skin components, we’ve designed a sheet that encapsulates its natural benefits, giving birth to revolutionary skincare.

Our mission is to make our high-quality, highly concentrated, yet affordable products accessible to everyone.



Experience deep hydration and absorption with the power of horse oil - the new standard in skincare.

Horse oil has been considered close to human sebum since ancient times and has been valued in Japan and Asia. The reason why horse oil has a high penetration power into the outermost layer of the skin is precisely because it has ingredients similar to sebum.

The Rico Original Base Sheet contains high-purity horse oil, even among Japanese horse oils. In our daily life, the skin oxidizes. The sheet contains antioxidant component fullerene, moisturizing agents made from food sources, and collagen that has been made into low molecular weight, luxuriously condensed into a single sheet.

Simply place the sheet on your palm, add a few drops of lotion or water, and it melts in seconds. Apply post-cleanse for an effortless skincare routine. Morning cleanse? Just rinse with water for a fresh, dewy complexion.

This sheet seamlessly combines the roles of a booster, emulsion, cream, and moisturizer.
Entirely free from all preservative-related ingredients.

Entirely free from all preservative-related ingredients.

Takes hypoallergenic to the next level, surpassing even organic and additive-free offerings.

The sheet, which has minimized moisture, could exclude all ingredients related to preservatives because it is concentrated with horse oil, beauty ingredients, and moisturizing ingredients.

Organic skincare and certain lotions often contain preservative aids which can irritate sensitive skin. The Rico Original Base Sheet , however, is free from not just preservatives but also preservative aids, a rarity that ensures suitability for all skin types.

・Completely free from preservatives, preservative aids, fragrances, dyes, and alcohol.
・Made with over 99% naturally derived ingredients.
・From 2023, it's also available in dermatological clinics.

Customize the number of sheets based on your skin's condition and needs.
fashion magazines

fashion magazines

Widely cherished in the hair and makeup, as well as modeling industries.

Often highlighted as a top pick by professionals in fashion magazines.

Such as:
・” The Talk-of-the-Town Beauty Serum Sheet in the Hair and Makeup and Modeling Sectors."
・"A High-Moisture Rescue Care Item Loved by Beauty Professionals."
・"Cosmetics You Fear Being Discontinued: Can’t Live Without This!”

Renowned stylist Aya Kaneko, featured in numerous women's magazines, showcased it as her top pick on YouTube and Instagram.
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